Southwestern Elegance: Top 5 Reasons Metal Siding is El Paso’s Top Choice

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With the Texas weather, you never know what is coming your way. Here at Roof Solutions & Construction, we want to ensure our El Paso residents are storm-ready, as well as on the cutting edge of the most current trends in our area. Metal siding fits both categories.

What is Metal Siding?

Metal siding for your home can be a hefty investment, which begs the question: what exactly is metal siding? Siding is the outermost protective layer of your home. It acts like a skin, keeping helpful things in your home, while also keeping harmful things out. Metal siding is constructed of metal, instead of the more common vinyl, and offers a wide array of benefits to the health of your home’s exterior. A potentially great option for homeowners in El Paso, it can be highly customizable to your situation and preferences.


popular siding colors, best siding colors, trending home colors


Positives to Metal Siding

Lower Energy Bills

One of the major and most impactful benefits of metal siding is its energy efficiency. Along with protecting your home from the heat & cold, metal siding can exponentially lower your AC bill by choosing a lighter color that will reflect the heat away from your home. 

Easy Maintenance

With metal siding, there is virtually no ongoing maintenance. Metal doesn’t decay over time, like wood siding. It is also stronger than vinyl, withstanding heavy winds and storms. For most situations, only an annual visual inspection will be needed. 

Customizable Options

Don’t sacrifice the design vision for a stronger, more durable exterior – metal siding gives you both!  Metal siding has loads of options when it comes to final finishes, from the material used, to the finish and color desired. Metal siding truly is the best of both worlds when it comes to a home exterior’s function and finished look.

Naturally Water-Resistant

Never worry about water rotting away your siding. Metal sands up to water very well, and is better than the alternatives! Depending on the material your siding is made out of, you may not need to worry about water at all. This is a benefit to any homeowner, especially a Texan.

Bug-Free Peace of Mind

With metal siding, worrying about the creepy crawlies of the Texan landscape will also be a thing of the past. Gone are the days when you will worry about bug damage getting to your siding. Metal is not a conducive material for bugs looking for a home or a free meal, so this may be a perfect choice for any homeowner. 


popular siding colors, best siding colors


A Few More Things To Consider…

Higher Cost Than Vinyl

Because of these things listed above, on top of the fact that this siding is made to last, be prepared to pay more than you would for a more common type of siding. This is an investment in the health of your home long-term, so it is more than worth it! Just make sure to prepare during your planning process.

Professional Installation & Not-So-Easy Repairs

With all of the different materials, types, and finishes of metal siding, this is not an easy DIY job. You will want to contact professionals, like Roof Solutions & Construction, to get this type of siding installed. Also, repairs on this style of siding can be complicated, taking repairs out of the DIY category as well. 

Call Roof Solutions & Construction Today!

In El Paso, it makes sense to take the time to strengthen your home’s exterior, while also helping keep cooling costs down. Can you imagine being able to do all of this AND have the design finish you want? Call Roof Solutions & Construction today, to begin to make this your reality. Create something that will stand the test of time. We would love to be a part of it.