How Long Does It Take To Replace a Roof in El Paso, TX

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Roof replacement is something every homeowner needs to consider eventually. Once every fifteen to thirty years, your roof materials will wear out and need to be fully replaced depending on the shingle. This ensures the integrity of your home’s weather seal and gives your roofers a chance to maintain your roof infrastructure like beams and flashing.

When it comes time to replace your roof, how much time should you set aside? How long does it take to replace a roof in El Paso, TX?

The short answer:

    • One or two days

The long answer:

    • It depends on your roof and weather conditions.
    • It could be anywhere from one day to two weeks.

Let’s look at both the short answer and the long answer to how long your roof replacement will last.


The short answer is that most roof replacements take one day, maybe two, to complete the necessary work. This is true for homes in good repair that simply need the shingles and flashing replaced in one smooth project. On an average-sized El Paso home with sturdy underlayment and a standard roof design, your roof could be fully reinstalled within a single day or two days at the most.

One day of roofing comprises between five and eight hours of work during daylight hours. So you’ll want to schedule one or two days to supervise the work and possibly get your family out of the house.


If most roof installations take only a day or two, why do some take longer? This is a matter of circumstances and roof design. Here are the factors that can add hours or days to the amount of time it takes to replace a roof in El Paso.

Bad Weather Delays

    • Naturally, bad weather can keep your roofers from completing the job when the roof is unsafe to climb and work on. If a storm hits during your roof installation, delays can happen and will take as long as the weather stays poor.

Complex Roof Design

    • The more complex your roof, the longer it will take to re-shingle. This is because specific care and techniques are needed to work around roof features and deal with angled areas on your roof. Simple roofs are much faster to reinstall, while complex roofs take extra time, possibly additional days of labor.

Difficult-to-Access Roof

    • A roof that is difficult to access due to yard and wall design can also slow down the work by delaying the natural flow of your roofing crew. Having a clear ladder point.

Extensive Roof Structural Damage

    • Any serious damage to your roof beams or underlayment will need to be repaired before your roof can be fully reinstalled. This can cause necessary delays as your team to rebuild rotted or damaged roof structure below the shingle layer.


What should you expect from a roof replacement in El Paso, TX? Roof replacement is like any major project on the house. Clear the space, schedule playdates for kids and pets, and make sure at least one outlet is available. Remove cars from the driveway to prevent falling debris and remove hanging art from the walls, which may vibrate as the roof is installed.

On the day of your roof replacement, you can stay to supervise or keep your phone handy and run errands during the several hours of work to be done. Roofers will come and go on their own, and in a few hours to a few days, you will have a new roof.

From time to time, the team leader may check in with you to update you on the progress or ask a clarifying question – like your preference for the gutter reattachment or new flashing on the chimney. Roof replacement is something all El Paso homeowners take care of eventually. Contact us today to schedule your next roof replacement or an inspection to discover when that next roof replacement should be.

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